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I have no choice but toput my dog Farley up for adoption. It’s been almost a year since we got him now, and he really is a great dog and we would love to keep him, but… we are not the right for him, and he is not the right fit for us.

I firmly believe everyone has a dog fit for them, and every dog a person, unfortunately I am not Farley’s fit. Farley is small and active and playful and needs constant love and attention and play and really long walks and runs. I am small and an not very active and prefer short walks and shorts bursts of play. He needs a home with an active family and lots of room to run. Both my mom and I are disabled and live in a small apartment. I can’t meet Farley’s needs.

  •  Jack Russell/Whippet mix (suspected)
  •  Around a year to a year and a half old
  • Very active and playful! NEEDS a family that can keep up with his high energy levels and shower him in affection.
  • Will need to be neutered, in fact we will not adopt him out to anyone who doesn’t plan on getting him neutered within a month of adopting him.
  • Gets along well with cats, other dogs, and older children. (He seems a little shy around kids under 8.)
  • Only real behavioral issues are being too talkative for his own good and having a tendency to chew things he shouldn’t when left alone for to long. Both should be easily fixable after he is fixed, or by giving him a crate.

Farley is up for adoption to anyone willing to drive to the DFW Area of Texas for a fee of $25. He will come with his blanket, pillow, food dish, and food but NOT his crate. You must have immediate plans to get him neutered. Send an e-mail to to inquire.